Xi Jinping reshuffles Central Committee members

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On Tuesday the 24th of October, The Chinese Communist Party’s weeklong national congress ended after the election of new members to the Central Committee and Xi’s view was added to what is predominantly the party’s constitution.

Only 40% or 78 of the Central Committee’s 191 full members, are holdovers from the previous Central Committee. These were seated during Xi’s initial five-year term as party chief back in 2012 and so, the remaining 113 full members are new.

Alternate members of the elite committee are also allowed to attend entire sessions where the important decisions are made. Following this, three quarters of the Central Committee members are new, including the alternate members.

Such a significant reorganisation on this scale has not been witnessed since the 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong. In addition, it would now look as if China is experiencing a new era of political turbulence.