Will Blockchain Change the World Forever?

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Key changes in technology often become a pivoting factor for the business and financial market development. Innovations lead to the increase of financial performance, and without it the opportunities for growth would be seriously limited.

The main goal of any investor is to identify prospective technologies which have the potential to increase the profitability of businesses.

In recent years blockchain is a matter of serious discussions in investment circles. Is it possible for a blockchain to change the financial markets, or it is absurd for investors to set plans in motion to achieve this?


Blockchain is a rather simple technology in theory. In brief, it is a ledger of economic transactions which are periodically updated in real time through a network of computers. The ledger is constantly synchronised and give opportunities to track and trace not only financial transactions but also any other information which can be valuable.

In practice, more and more large and small businesses are starting using blockchain in their daily activities. In spite of the fact that the blockchain for most of us is inseparably linked with bitcoin, the trend of differentiation of these concepts has also been observed. Experts have reasons to consider bitcoin as a financial bubble while the blockchain which is the founding element of cryptocurrencies can have a positive influence on the development of a number of fields of business worldwide.

Fears and prospects
Certainly, the safety of block chain application causes a number of questions. The solution to these questions will span for the folloing years or even decades. Despite cautions, a blockchain in the long term can become an extremely attractive technology from an investment perspective. At the moment it is difficult for investors to benefit directly from it, however, in the long term, the emphasis on a blockchain can yield visible results by making bitcoin a safer and more regulated currency.