What will happen to NATO?

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Now that the US citizens have officially chosen Donald Trump as President, Europeans face a real problem that has already been raised by UK media: Who is going to fund NATO? Until recently, the US investments in NATO outweighed the influx from all other countries combined twice over. Donald Trump regularly mentioned his intentions to redirect this extra expense in order to fund US needs, and long before warned NATO partners, saying it’s high time each company paid for themselves. The partners would be happy to comply if not for their lack of funds.

British news channel SkyNews reported that Russia can hardly wait to cross the Baltic border and intrude into the territory. The news is hard to believe, but still. The worst thing is that the UK Prime Minister only recently advocated the stabilisation of Russian-UK relations.

In addition, SkyNews is broadcasting a small trailer with David Cameron, while he was still Prime Minister, promising not to let Trump approach the British threshold.

During the recent meeting of the ex- and newly elected US presidents, Barack Obama, after claiming Trump unfit for presidency in the run up to the election, seemingly ate his words by calling him an “excellent person” in light of Trump’s unexpected victory.

Well, politics is a tricky business…