What are the most popular cars in Europe?

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The following sales figures are as of October 2017.

In Austria, Volkswagen Golf leads with nearly 11,000 cars sold. Beligum’s favourite is also the Volkswagen Golf with a total of 11,152 cars sold. In Germany, the Volkswagen Golf totals were a whopping 129,514 units. Golf also leads in Luxembourg and Norway.

Škoda, Octavia in particular, commands the market in many countries including Croatia and as well as the Czech Republic with a grand total of 19,988 cars. The Škoda Octavia was also the favourite in Finland with 4,510 cars sold. The Škoda Octavia leads the Polish market as well with 14,002 units sold.

In Hungary, Škoda Octavia came in second with 3,820 units sold. Škoda rules Slovakia with Octavia, Fabia and Rapia taking all the top spots on the list. Škoda Octavia also leads the Swiss market with 7,294 total sales. And in Estonia, Škoda Sedan was at the top of the list as well.

The UK’s most popular car is the Ford Fiesta with a grand total of 75,814 units sold.

In Italy, the Fiat Panda currently stands to be the best-selling car in any single market with astounding sales of 113,087.