Weekly Cyprus crime report

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However calm and safe Cyprus may seem, it has its own crime report nevertheless.

For example, Limassol police have seized a local 65-year-old who had shot his hunting dog and asked neighbours not to report him. It is widely spread within the hunting trade in Cyprus to buy a dog for a season and then leave it tied to a tree to die.

Houses and apartments frequently get robbed; housebreakers burst into through doors and windows and take everything that is at hand. Our Cypriot neighbours have been robbed twice already. According to Police announcements, €150,000 has been stolen from a local businessman.

Cyprus doesn’t have decent driving courses, so car accidents often end in death. Be careful driving on Cyprus roads!

Despite Cypriots’ being peaceful, sometimes they have extremely dramatic rows and punch-ups that most frequently break out in late hours beside night clubs and come to no good – one young Cypriot was reported to have been badly hurt with a metal rod.