UK: High Court rules that Russian Businessman had residency in England

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The England and Wales High Court’s commercial division has decided that Siman Povarenkin, had residency and domicile in England for court jurisdictional reasons. Moreover, Povarenkin spends the majority of his time in Russia, where most of his businesses are established.

During school term-time, Povarenkin’s family live in London. Due to Povarenkin’s wife’s UK Investor Visa, Povarenkin, has a temporary right of residence in England.

In the case of Ruslan Urusbievich Bestolov v. Siman Viktorovich Povarenkin, the Claimant took action by seeking the repayment of debt that occurred through a joint venture arrangement which referred to the development and acquisition of mines in Russia.

The allegation against the businessman, Povarenkin, involves the mining contract which was conducted in Russia. Notably, all evidence to the case resides in Russia and all documents were written in Russian. Inevitably, all the witnesses are Russian speakers who live in Russia and require interpreters, (Bestolov v Povarenkin, 2017 EWHC 1968 Comm.)