UK Former Foreign Minister : partition is the only solution to the Cyprus problem

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The UK former foreign minister, Jack Straw, believes that a solution to the Cyprus problem involving a bizonal and bicommunal federation is unattainable. Straw believes this is due to “Greek Cypriot intransigence” and that the only answer is a two-state solution.

And so, Straw proposes the solution to involve partitioning the island therefore giving recognition to the Turkish Cypriot state. This is following the failure of the Cyprus talks to come to a successful conclusion.

In addition, the former secretary under Prime Minister Tony Blair (2001-2006), stated that the 1974 Turkish invasion was in reaction to a coup d’état by Greece. Moreover, President Makarios described the coup as an invasion when he spoke in front of the United Nations.

On the 16th of October 2017, however, the Minister of State Lord Ahmad announced to the House of Lords that UK government continues to support the idea of a bizonal federation.