U.S. & Russia: AI Fuels the New Cold War

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more and more integrated into the weapons systems of the world’s leading armies. In addition, the futuristic technology may be the start of a new Cold War according to experts.

Assistant Professor at the North Dakota State University, Jeremy Straub, argues that the use of artificial intelligence and cyberweapons still remained “fair game” as tensions rose between the rivals.

Both Russia and the U.S. have heavily invested in the development of new tools within Artificial Intelligence. However, Russia has seen it as an opportunity to upstage the U.S.

The President of Russia, Vladmir Putin has stated that Artificial Intelligence could be the way that Russia can counteract the power difference between the two rivals as the U.S. is said to have outspent Russia approximately 10-to-1 on defense every year.

According to sources, Russia and Russian-supporting hackers have already been spying electronically. The cyberattackers have targeted the Ukraine and U.S. allies Germany and Britain.