Top 12 professions which are most likely to be unfaithful

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The following is the top 12 careers which are most likely to be unfaithful. In 12th place, men who are social workers and women in politics were likely to be unfaithful. In 11th place, the survey shows men in agriculture and women in arts and entertainment would have affairs.

Men in arts and entertainment and women in legal work are in 10th place. Men in education and women in trades were in 9th place followed by men in legal and women in marketing were seen to be unfaithful.

This is also followed by men in medical professions and women in IT. Men in marketing and women in retail and hospitality are in 6th place.

In 5th place, men in finance and women in social work were found to be more likely to have affairs. In 4th place, men in retail and hospitality and women in finance would be unfaithful. Interestingly, both men and women who are entrepreneurs have been found to be more likely to be unfaithful to their partner in joint 3rd place. In 2nd place, the survey highlights men in IT and women in education while the top spot being taken by men in trades and women in medicine.