Three Singaporean Company Directors Fined for Filing False Documentation

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The Director and Shareholder of Tricom Resources, Mr N Suresh was found guilty of filing false information regarding the removal of the second director, Suresh Naira after disagreements had occurred between them. Mr N Suresh was fined $7,500 SGD.

The Director of ER Ambulance and Services Mahali Kasmani instructed his service provider to prepare documents that indicated inaccurate information about the company’s annual shareholders meeting. Mahali paid a fine of SGD $9,200.

The Director of Food Partners Wang Rui was also found guilty of filing false information and fined $9,500 SGD. He agreed to buy all of the company’s shares owned by former Director Lou Say Bok. However, after the disagreements, Wang told the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) false information about the previous director’s resignation additionally.