The Power of Negative Thinking in Business

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According to sources, worry and pessimism helps to avoid mistakes and can also make good business sense.

Expecting the worst or not being complacent when everything is alright.

By being chronically uneasy could prove to be helpful for a lot of business people and perhaps even healthier too. Successful business people who expect the worst are often better prepared and less likely to be disappointed, and so if things go better than expected, it turns out to be a bonus. Inevitably, there are limits to the theory as multi-millionaire entrepreneurs would not be where they are today by being overly pessimistic.

In different fields such as that of behavioural therapy, findings show that swapping negative thoughts for positive ones helps improve mental health. Sometimes years of ongoing success dulls peoples senses and makes them rather complacent. And so, there are many benefits concerning the power of negative thinking.