Switzerland strengthen new quotas for EU workers

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Zurich Switzerland_3Quotas on the number of European workers will be a reality in Switzerland soon. Switzerland, a non EU member, states that immigration has reached unacceptable levels. The foreign population is over one quarter of the population. The European Commission has expressed already its concerns about the measures which could affect international relationships. The majority of immigrants in Switzerland come from traditional EU members such as Germany, Spain and Portugal. Portuguese and Spanish people seeking work will be the hardest hit by the new measures. Switzerland has an unemployment rate of 3% , higheconomy growth and a strong currency. However there are some concerns about the growing number of immigrants from poorer EU members. Switzerland has shown its intentions of not sharing Europe’s misery. The limits on the eight newer EU member states were first introduced last year as many immigrants from Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic will have soon the long term residence permits capped at 2,180. When Switzerland signed up to freedom of movement rules, it claimed the right to enact a ‘safeguard clause’ if the annual influx of workers exceeded a certain number. From middle of 2014 the clause becomes invalid, so the quotas can in theory only last 12 months, but Switzerland is due to hold two referendums about the limitation of immigration.