SURVEY: Turkish Cypriots mostly positive towards island reunification talks, while Greek Cypriots remain 'unsure'

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This week an opinion poll was distributed between the disjointed residents of both North & South Cyprus. The general consensus appeared to reflect the recent doubt regarding negotiation talks between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders; with the majority of Greek Cypriots who responded saying they would be “unsure” which way they would vote in a referendum to reunite the island. 26% stated they would agree to a reunification; 29% voted no; with the majority of respondents from the Greek Cypriot group (41%) stated the details of the plan would need to be released before they could make an informed decision. Surprisingly, there were only minimal differences according to age within the Turkish Cypriot group with those aged 55 and over generally having a more positive outlook: 32% of this age group stated they would vote for a reunification.