Success in Singapore is set to change

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Singapore’s model for education has been successful for some time. The most academically successful students would be sorted into the most elite universities according to their PSLE, O level and A level grades.

However, the Singapore government have now realised that this method is no longer producing the types of people who can benefit and boost the economy. This is due to the economy becoming more and more innovation orientated.

As of today, technically inclined jobs seem to have the most scope for success. This is also seen through the rise in starting salaries for computing graduates.

The key to further development for Singapore would be increasing their digital and technical abilities in order to become more innovative. In order to achieve this goal, the education system needs to change.

According to research carried out by the website host business, “GoDaddy”, three quarters of millennials aim to be entrepreneurs within the next 10 years. Some of the supporting factors of pursuing entrepreneurship stems from the endorsement of technology. It is said that 91% of survey respondents found it easier to start-up your own business with the help of technology.