Singapore: Syndicate Members are Masterminds Behind the Largest Sham Marriage Ring

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53 people were convicted of sham marriages in Singapore in 2017. Cases of sham marriages have surfaced less frequently following a change to the Immigration Act in 2012 which criminalised such marriages.

However, a Vietnamese woman and a Singaporean man initiated a sham marriage syndicate which involved a total of 6 couples. 37-year-old Adrian Kin was in charge with sourcing Singapore men with financial difficulties. 31-year-old Ho Thi Be Ba, was tasked with helping Vietnamese women to extend their stay in Singapore when the men applied for or sponsored their Visit Pass.

In return, the men would received between S$3,000 and S$5,000 for each “marriage”, and also S$100 to S$300 for each successful extension of the visit passes.

On the other hand, the Vietnamese women paid about S$20,000 each to the brokers. The men were aged between 24 to 57 years old whereas the women were aged between 23 to 34 and involved in vice-related activities.