Singapore school fees more expensive for foreigners

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It will be considerably more expensive for Singapore permanent residents and foreigners to enroll their children in schools in Singapore over the next three years. This is the 3rd year in a row that school fees have increased for non-Singaporeans.

The monthly fees for permanent residents attending a primary school will increase from SGD $130 to SGD $155 next year and SGD $180 in 2019. The fees will be nearly double for secondary education from the current monthly fee of SGD $200 to SGD $380 with an annual increase of SGD $60 in monthly fees for permanent residents.

Monthly fees will increase by SGD $50 each year – from SGD $600 now to SGD $750 in 2020 for international students. The amendments in fees for primary and secondary schools, as well as pre-university level, will be in place in January of each year. According to sources, a Ministry of Education (MOE) spokesperson stated that it administered consistent reviews of school fees and made adjustments when needed.