Singapore: Least Stressful Asian City

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According to a study carried out by an European dry-cleaning and laundry service, Zipjet, Singapore is the least stressful Asian city in the world. Singapore was ranked as 42nd out of 150 cities in the study.

Following this, the most stressful city in the world stands to be Baghdad in Iraq.

Zipjet looks at the stress-related factors and the overall mental health of each individual city. Some of the factors include physical health, unemployment, pollution, debt per capita, race equality and public transport. The data itself is based on statistics issued by global governing entities like the World Bank, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations’ reports.

At the top of the list were mostly Middle-Eastern and African nations such as Kabul in 2nd place, Lagos in 3rd, Cairo in 5th and Dhaka in 7th.

The enterprise’s focus is to establish technology which aids to reduce people’s level of stress as anxiety and stress has contributed to a low quality of life and a decline in mental health.