SINGAPORE: Concern for Malaysian water supply

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Singaporeans need to start reducing their water usage, even more so at the moment, as a result of the dry weather that is affecting the country’s major supply, as the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources stated.
Up until now, Singapore draws up to 60% of their water needs from the Johor River in Malaysia. This is only possible though because of the water released from the Linggiu Reservoir in Johor River, prevents seawater to enter into the river.

Water levels in the reservoir are steadily decreasing, reaching the lowest historically. As a result of this, Singapore’s national water agency had to stop extracting water from the river. It is also expected that the weather will get drier for the rest of the year because of a warm weather phenomenon, El Nino, further affecting the water supply for the river.

Actions have already been taken, expecting several infrastructural projects to help Singapore with the water supply in the following years. By 2016, Singapore is planning to finish building a used water treatment plant and the seawater treatment plant by 2017.

Singapore has an agreement to obtain water from Malaysia until 2061, but until then, they are hoping to be able to extract up to 80% of their water needs from seawater and water recycling treatment plants.