Corporate Tax Accounting Service

Nowadays, many cross-border corporations are looking to comply with the stern tax accounting requirements and reporting standards. Financial restatements, as well as regulatory tightening over corporate income tax disclosures and account balances are all factors overseas companies are now having to consider. Combined with new reporting considerations, this all contributed to an increase in demand for professional tax accounting services.

Nevertheless, companies lack the internal resources and competent specialists required to observe the constantly stiffening requirements for tax accounting accuracy and transparency. Taxation specialists struggle to keep up to date with modern standards and ever tightening deadlines. While new regulations, including the International Financial Reporting Standards continue to contribute to the situation around stricter corporate tax accounting regulations. This explains why typical factors that cause the initial errors leading to restatements, include poor judgement exercised under pressure and time constraints, and a lack of local tax accounting knowledge.

The risks associated with tax accounting errors and ineffective tax rates are too high to be underestimated. However, many Taxation Executives cannot keep their internal resources focused solely on tax accounting activities, while ignoring other important aspects of the overall tax operations. That’s where the specialists at Eltoma Corporate Services can assist. We take pride in delivering a whole range of services connected with tax accounting to ensure increased effective control over corporate accounting requirements, with the specific business needs and key tax aspects taken into consideration.

Properly dealing with tax accounting has, aside from reducing the tax burden, other benefits affecting cross-border companies' effective tax rate and earnings per share. In addition, it can positively impact the Key Performance Indicators for Senior Management.

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