Singapore Harbour Craft License

In order to use Singapore’s Port for commercial purposes, it is obligatory to obtain a Harbour Craft License, which is issued by the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore. Harbour Craft Licenses are categorised based on the type of ship and the purpose for which it is being used. The various license categories include the following types of vessels:

  • Ferries
  • Barges
  • Cruise ships
  • Tugboats
  • Tankers.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for a Singapore Harbour Craft License

1. Application & submission of required documentation

 You must submit a fully completed Application Form for a Harbour Craft License to the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore.

Along with the form you will have to give the originals and copies of the following supporting documentation:

  • NRIC ID card and/or Passport for licensing in the name of one or more individuals.
  • ACRA Certificate of Registration for licensing in the name of a corporate body.
  • Proof of vessel ownership, this could be the Charter Agreement, the bill of sale, a Manufacturer’s Certificate or similar.
  • Proof of origin of vessel: Launching Permit, Import Permit & declaration of arrival or similar.
  • Marine insurance policy.
  • Craft’s manning: Singapore Marine Port Authority’s Manning license.
  • Letter of approval for use of pier or docking float.

Once you all have all of the above documents ready, they can be submitted online at the Singapore Marine Port Authority’s One-Stop Document Centre.


 2. Arrange for Inspection of vessel

In order to receive a Harbour Craft License, every vessel using Singapore’s port must firstly pass an inspection. You are required to arrange the date and time of the inspection yourself, appointments are usually one week in advance. Again, the appointments can be scheduled on the Singapore Marine Port Authority’s One-Stop Document Centre.

3. Make payment & Receive your Singapore Harbour Craft License

Once your vessel has passed the necessary examination, a Craft Inspection Report will be issued for the ship. Within one week of receiving the report, you will be required to transfer all the fees and payments for licenses. Once all fees have been settled you will receive a craft license certificate specifying the craft license number. You must display the craft license and license number in a visible place on board the ship at all times. For help with any payment or further information contact us.


Port Limit Manning License

It is compulsory for every crew on-board to have valid Port Limit Manning License. There are different categories of Manning Licenses issued for different types of crew members.

You are required to submit a duly completed Port Limit Manning License Application Form for each crew member along with each crew member’s supporting documents like:

  • Certificate of Competency or Result slip from the MPA Maritime & Port Training Section.
  • Identity Card/NRIC for Singapore nationals
  • Passport for foreigners.
  • Work Permit / Employment Pass for foreigners.
  • Certificates of educational courses or degrees attained.
  • The license fee expires only in 5 years and is only SGD $10.

Upon successful receipt of the form, documents and fee the Singapore Marine Authority will issue the Port Limit Manning License.

Please note: Possessors of Singapore registered ships have to obey with certain minimum manning requirements. Contact us for more information.


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