Legalisation of Singapore Documentation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore is a bureau of the Government responsible for managing diplomatic relations between Singapore and other jurisdictions. They will only accept documents that have been through the process of legalisation.

This is more complex for documents from commercial, non-governmental issuing authorities. Our Eltoma Singapore office are an experienced local team that would be happy to assist you throughout the entire procedure of preparing your document for the accurate and timely submission to the MFA.

Authentication of Governmental Document Procedures

Eltoma Corporate Services’ local specialists can legalise documentation that has been issued by the following Singapore governmental body:

  • ACRA bizfile & business profile (issued by ACRA).
  • Company Constitution (issued by ACRA).
  • Certificate of Incorporation (issued by ACRA).
  • Tax Residency (issued by the IRAS).
  • Certificate of Residence (issued by the IRAS).
  • Marriage & birth certificates.
  • Any other miscellaneous letters or certificates issued from Singapore government.
  • Police clearance (issued by Singapore Police Force e-services).
  • Public hospital medical certificates (issued by any of the following institutions: Singapore General Hospital (SGH), National University Hospital (NUH) or ECT).

Please note that for the legalisation of true copies, we require the original and a photocopied version.

Once the document has been authenticated it can be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore and can be forwarded to the required Embassy. As of January 2019, Singapore maintains 28 embassies and high commissions overseas as well as 47 consulates.


Authentication of Non-Governmental Documents

The following documents issued from non-governmental bodies require extra steps of notorisation and certification with the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). Eltoma Corporate Services can then legalise any of the following documentation:

  • Statutory oath.
  • Statutory declaration.
  • Letter of (PoA) Power of Attorney.
  • Any corporate or business contracts.
  • Contracts for real estate & land matters.
  • Civil action papers.
  • Edu-trust qualifications (issued by a private University or College).
  • Private hospital medical certificate. (issued by private hospitals or clinics).
  • Proof of legal representative.
  • Director’s resolution.
  • Minutes of board meetings or AGMs.
  • Specimen signature.
  • Legal opinions.
  • Testimonial papers & evidence.
  • Citizenship certificate (issued by the ICA).
  • Singapore ID card (issued by the ICA).
  • Copy of Singapore Passport.

If your document is not listed above and you are unsure which category it falls under, please get in touch for further assistance.

Please note, that if the issuing authority has laminated the original document, you will have to request an unlaminated certified true copy or an extract of the document in order for us to stamp it for legalisation.

After the public notary and Singapore Academy of Law have verified the documents, they will be ready for submission to the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare for sending to the appropriate Embassy as required.

Please note that document owners are required to be personally present at the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Eltoma Corporate Services can take care of the above processes as a proxy on your behalf so as to avoid any lengthy governmental visits or time wasted due to misunderstandings that may arise due to the bureaucracy of the Singapore MFA.

Please contact us for more information regarding any legalisation enquiries, we would be happy to help.