Legal Consulting for International Business

Whether you are planning a full business relocation or merely restructuring your international company, let Eltoma anticipate challenges on your behalf in order to successfully sustain and expand your company, feeling confident about adhering to all legislation in the new jurisdiction.

Advantages for companies

Our legal team work hard to provide sound legal advice for international structures, so companies can effectively improve their operations; grow their business overseas and deliver value to their client base.

With Legal Specialists located in:

  • Europe (Cyprus, United Kingdom).
  • Asia (Singapore).
  • CIS (Russia, Ukraine).

Eltoma Corporate Services can provide advice for business expansion overseas as well as refining your own knowledge about your company’s new jurisdiction.

Our Legal Advisors are no strangers to providing legal opinion for corporate international structures. We take time to understand your business individually, using past experience to help businesses avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that can sometimes occur with overseas expansion.

Spheres of consultation

Eltoma Corporate Services are offering legal solutions & assistance for restructuring your international business in the following areas:

  1. Anti-money laundering & compliance regulations in Cyprus, Russia & Singapore.
  2. Fraud prevention & investigation.
  3. Disputes & Risk consultation.
  4. Offering sound legal opinion & international due diligence advice.
  5. HR & Immigration requirements.
  6. Client relations & partnerships.

We have been providing corporate services for over a decade. Eltoma’s experience in this area ranges from incorporations, liquidations, strike-offs, and helping to achieve business turnarounds, offering full legal consulting for business structuring & expansion. Contact us today to see how we can assist you and your company.

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