How to set up a website using a merchant account?

What are merchant accounts and how can they benefit your business?

Fighting your way through the jungle of e-commerce hype can be difficult in today’s market, and sometimes even a tiny detail can be vital. Whilst browsing your favourite sites, there are a plethora of adverts which grab your attention. "Apply for a credit card now", they scream, "0% Commission!", “75% discount!”, “Season Sales”, etc.

It is almost impossible today to find a company without an official website or social network group. Business processes supported by the web are perceived to be the guarantor of reliability and success, and as for a website it is definitely an excellent marketing tool.

Nowadays web users have a marvellous opportunity to purchase a wide variety of goods & services online from registering Cyprus companies & the opening of international bank accounts to such luxury items such as property, cars, diamonds and yachts. In fact the latter refers to real estate items as well.

In a world of dedicated Internet competition only website optimisation, accurate content, as well as properly operating online sales and payment services can provide you with regular income.

So, if you've decided to involve yourself into business online, or you're an established company who wants to sell goods and services online then you are in great need of a merchant account.

Obviously if you fail to have sound sales channels on the web it seems no easy task to find and keep your niche thriving in a business environment. And still nobody can deny emotional shopping.

Of course essential commodities are not what we mean by this, though Singapore companies or Cyprus bank accounts do make sense, especially when it comes to a company’s tax burden.

Considering emotional shopping it goes without saying that over 85% purchases made by customers are emotionally driven.

Nevertheless, it is common practice for some online shoppers whose euphoria has expired at the moment of delivery to feel remorseful of what has been purchased. As a result such customer refuses to pay on delivery and the product gets returned to the supplier who bears delivery costs.

In Russia, growth in the number of such cases is caused by slow operating state postal services. How does this happen?

 A customer expects a product to arrive within a week when in fact it is delivered in a month or so. It is no wonder that after such a long period the product becomes useless.

Therefore a customer who has no use for the product anymore refuses to pay for it and leaves it at a post office to be returned.

Upon the second ignored delivery notification the product gets returned to the supplier. Such instances happen very frequently in Russia. So how can we secure our business? It is possible only if our goods or services are prepaid in full, i.e. we use a merchant account.

How to organise a fully operational Merchant Account?

Firstly, it’s worth noting that the Merchant account installation expenditures are not as costly as they may seem. Especially if you take into account income deficiency of service providers who are unfortunately not able to “pack” and send their products by parcel post, or retailers who may have large return costs.

Only merchant account installation may assist consulting companies and service providers working with intangible goods services to expand their real sale channels on the web.

Bring your business to a brand new level. We can assist with the setting up a website for your personal business purposes with relevant pages, navigation system, a site map and a merchant account which allows for credit card payments.

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