Cyprus Work Permits for Third Country Nationals

Eltoma Corporate Services was established by highly qualified finance and corporate management professionals, with over 10 years of sound experience.

Our team of Immigration Professionals can assist you in setting up your business in Cyprus, obtain employment in Cyprus as well as employing other foreign (third country nationals) personnel within your company.


Non-EU/EEA Employee Registration & Employment in a Company of Foreign Interests

Cyprus registered companies of foreign interests that fulfill eligibility criteria or register to become eligible may apply for employment of third country nationals as Executive Directors, Middle Management, key personnel, or supporting staff.

We can assist you in all steps from gathering information to registration of the company at Civil Registration and Migration Department (CRMD).

This includes, aiding the gathering and organisation of all necessary documentation, and where applicable, dealing with relevant documentation on your behalf. We can additionally organise any translation and/or certification requested to be carried out in Cyprus.


What our Services Entail

Registration of a Company at Migration Department

A company of foreign interests, which is registered in Cyprus and has third country national Company Shareholders as a majority- including Corporate Shareholders-, can register at CRMD (Civil Registry and Migration Department), providing that it delivers the following, amongst others:

  • Bank documents to demonstrate that a direct investment of €171,000 or above, was made from abroad by the foreign Company Shareholders, into a Cyprus bank account.
  • Cyprus bank account with minimum balance of €41,006.
  • Cyprus Company Incorporation documents.
  • List of Cyprus Company’s personnel.
  • Description of the Cyprus company’s business activities.
  • KYC (Know Your Client) documents (e.g. international passports, proof of addresses) of company’s initial Company Shareholders.
  • Rental/sales agreement of Cyprus Company operating offices.
  • Affidavit from Cyprus Company’s Director(s) confirming the Company’s Shareholders.
  • Cyprus Company’s audited accounts for the fiscal years requested by the Migration Department.


Registration of Employee following successful Company Registration at CRMD

Following successful registration of the company at the BCS (part of the Migration department), employee registration can begin. The first third country national to be employed can  be registered for a maximum of one year, and the following employee for a maximum of two years, depending on their Contract of Employment with the said company.

If the employee currently resides in their own country, then an Entry Permit must be issued first.

If the employee has recently entered Cyprus, for example with a Provisa which is valid, then the registration can be completed with the prospective employee in Cyprus.

For more details of what documents are required for registration, please contact us.



Cyprus Immigration Services Price € Comments
Cyprus Work Permit: For every new applicant (when the company is already registered). €950 per applicant  
Cyprus Work Permit: For additional applicants applying simultaneously. €500 This price is only for simultaneous applications
Cyprus Company registration with Migration Authorities:
Application for Cyprus Company registration only €500 per company  
Application for Cyprus Company registration accompanied with simultaneous application for Individual Cyprus Work Permit. €300 per company  
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