Yellow Slip: Residency Permits (EU Nationals)

Applying for a Cyprus Residence Permit (also known as the yellow slip) is a process which is to be completed by every EU Citizen living and working in Cyprus. It is renowned for being lengthy and fastidious, and it does not necessarily have to be!

Once you have managed to obtain it, the Cyprus Residence Permit does not expire and is valid indefinitely.

Eltoma Corporate Services can assist you with this process. We employ ex-Immigraiton Officers, Qualified Solicitors and have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Learn more about the procedure to obtain your yellowslip.

Immigration law changes at rapid speed, contact us now to see how we can be of assistance.


Price Information

Immigration Services in Cyprus Price €
Cyprus residency – EU National Married/Related to Cypriot National €450
Joint/*Family Cyprus residency – EU National €600
*Family, two adults & two children.


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