Cyprus Naturalisation Based on Years of Residence

Eltoma Corporate Services are offering a naturalisaton based on years of residency to those eligible that have been legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus for a period of 7 years or longer prior to the date of application.

Eligible Applicants & Required Documentation 

To be eligible for naturalisaton based on years of residency in Cyprus, you must hold a valid EU Residency Permit or a Residency Permit for Third Country Nationals and provide the following further information:

  • A birth certificate & valid travel passport.
  • Two passport photos.
  • A background check in the form of a certificate showing a clean criminal record.
  • Marriage certificate & birth certificate of any children.
  • Copies of all the pages of all the passports of the applicant detailing all arrivals and departures from Cyprus.
  • A detailed statement of arrivals & departures from the applicant.
  • Copies of newspaper advertisements in two consecutive publications which report that the applicant has filed an application for naturalisation.

If any documentation produced as evidence is not in English or Greek, they must:

  • Be officially translated into Greek or English from the Press & Information Office.
  • Be apostiled if the country has signed the Hague Convention of 1961.

Our Services

To begin the process of naturalisation on behalf of the foreign national, after the necessary documentation has been presented to Eltoma, we will carry out all required appointment scheduling and attending as a legal representative on behalf of the applicant. Eltoma Corporate Services have been providing visas, work permits for third country nationals & residency certificates for over 8 years, with local immigration specialists in Cyprus. For a full list of our immigration services, click here.

Our fees also include the government handling charges and will provide a photocopy of receipt for the fees as required by all foreign residents wishing to gain naturalisation based on years of residence in Cyprus. We will take care of the entire process, so you don’t have to!



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