Singapore Employment Pass & Singapore Dependent Pass

In order to be eligible, applicants are required to have a job offer in Singapore from a well-established Singaporean organisation, a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$3,300 (more experienced candidates require higher salaries) and have acceptable qualifications (reputable university degree, professional qualifications, or specialists skills).

The applicants should be assessed on eligibility through the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) prior to applying.

EP Applicants, planning to bring their immediate family through Dependent Pass (DP) application, need to take into account that their salary expectations must represent the income that is to support the family members.


For example, generally speaking, an EP applicant who wishes to bring with them 3 immediate family members, would be required to have a monthly gross salary of between the range of S$5,000- S$12,000 (amount is dependent on their individual application) for their application to be considered by the MOM.

A Dependent Pass can allow family members to live, work (through MOM consent) and study in Singapore.

Note: Due to new regulations, as part of Fair Consideration Framework, the company that wishes to employ the applicant may be required to advertise the job opening to Singaporeans on the Job Bank prior to submitting the EP application, for 14 days, where the most suitable candidate, regardless of nationality must be selected.

Overseas Employers with no Singapore Registered Office are required to:

  • Obtain a Singapore-registered company to act as a local sponsor and apply on the applicants behalf.
  • The local sponsor must apply manually.


Price Information

Service Price (SGD)
  • Singapore Employment Pass (without appeal)
  • Singapore Employment Pass Renewal (without appeal)
  • Dependent Pass (without appeal)










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