Financial Companies and Fund Licensing

An intermediary is required to have a valid license in order to conduct financial services regulated activities. There are different vehicles to choose from based on your jurisdiction of choice.

Eltoma Corporate Services can prepare the application in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the relevant jurisdiction and monitor the application until the approval stage. Considering obtaining a license? The regulated activities for fund management & investment companies include:

  • Asset management.
  • Investment.
  • leveraged foreign exchange trading.
  • Advising on corporate finance.
  • Stock & bonds dealing.
  • Securities margin financing.
  • Providing automated trading services
  • Providing credit rating services.
  • Securities based crowd-funding.


1. Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF)

Minimum Capital Requirements:

CIF does not hold Clients’ money and /or Clients’ financial instruments:

EUR €50,000

CIF holds Client’s money and/or Client’s financial instruments:

EUR €125,000

CIF Provides one or more of the following investment services or activities:

EUR €730,000

Read more general information about CIFs and application requirements here.


2. Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

Minimum Investment Criteria:

Common Fund EUR €125,000 
Externally-Managed Investment Company: (with fixed or variable capital) EUR €125,000 
Self-Managed Investment Company: (with fixed or variable capital) EUR €300,000
Limited Liability Partnership:  EUR €125,000 

Read more here.

3. Alternative Investment Funds with Limited Number of Persons (AIF - LNP)

Minimum Investment Criteria: EUR 125.000

Read more here.


4. Registration & Licensing Fund Management Companies (RFMC)

Base Capital Requirements:

Carrying out fund management in respect of any Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) offered to any Investor other than an institutional investor. SGD $1,000,000
Carrying out fund management (non-CIS) on behalf of any customer other than an institutional investor. SGD $500,000
Carrying out fund management other than that described in the above 2 points. SGD $250,000

5. Capital Markets Service License (LFMCs)

All FMCs must maintain a base capital of SGD $250.000. See above for further details.

Read more about LFMC license requirements here.

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