Compliance Risk Management Services

At Eltoma Corporate Services, we have both knowledge and substantial number of years’ experience in the area of AML requirements. Our experience focuses on our international client base and Directive Dl144-2007-08 of 2012 regulations.


We can assist companies in a variety of jurisdictions to comply with the differing international regulations surrounding international compliance and AML regulatory checks:

Reputational risks can erode a firm’s activities and consequential future cash flows – due to tarnished reputation either of a company and its Director or of partners, customers and agents. The first and foremost, to undermine the business image is essentially a failure to comply with the latest global regulatory requirements, especially in terms of anti-terrorism and money laundering laws, which can shatter both legal units and individuals. Compliance risk management is intended to mitigate the adverse effects of risk events, eliminating improper business activities or improving an external reputation with regulators, government authorities, customers, counterparties, and business partners.

An essential factor of risk management is the prompt disclosure of fraudulent practices or improper business activities that might drive away customers, Shareholders, or respective counterparties. Therefore, real professionals should have a comprehensive view of their target firms and individuals.

This is where Eltoma Corporate Services can assist, carrying out a rigorous compliance process that assumes a thorough investigation, vetting and compilation of a full data report or background check on potential contractors, partners or even your own company. Involving an enhanced compliance platform and IT solutions, the research is conducted in a quick and efficient way, which makes it impactful when effecting transactions and deals, signing contracts or even undergoing bank or legal procedures to prove one’s good standing.

Our Compliance Risk Management Services helps our clients to perform an initial screening of the natural person and legal entities.

The information which could be checked via Eltoma Corporate Services:

  1. If the natural/legal person was involved in Money Laundering breaching the 3rd E.U. Directive and Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) guidelines.
  2. If a person is under EU or US sanctions.
  3. If the person is a political person or associated with the political persons (PEP).
  4. If the person is under enforcement
  5. To confirm a person’s identity via screening an identification document  (international Passport or travel ID)
  6. To check if a natural person is conected to a State Owned entity or associated with a State Owned Entity      

We use public sources: monitor financial enforcement agencies, sanctions list, cross border investigation reports, and any relevant international watch list. 

Depending on the ultimate objective, our compliance risk management services may include:

  • Identity Confirmation.
  • Passport Verification.
  • Criminal Background & Record Checks.
  • Sanctions & Enforcement Checks.
  • State-Owned Enterprise Checks.
  • Politically Exposed Person Checks.
  • Court Filing Checks.
  • Adverse Media Checks.

Using robust databases of high-risk individuals and entities, we do not narrow down the analysis to personal documents only, rather involve other screening resources to perform highly enhanced due diligence checks with more accuracy, allowing you to trade with confidence.

Aside from due diligence, the compliance check is absolutely indispensable in recruitment for the sake of pre-employment checks to hire more reliable personnel and avoid penalties and fines. Additionally, one can order a personal credit check when opening foreign bank accounts or simply travelling abroad to prevent unnecessary complications and charges.

As a result, in one or two working days, our clients receive an integral report on a specific company or person of interest, presenting all information regarding enforcement or applied sanctions, any adverse media, criminal records, as well as associated partner, business relationships, etc.

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