Cyprus Vintage Shelf Company

We have an exclusive vintage company to offer as a shelf company, in Cyprus, in the enviable climate and reliable jurisdiction, located in the middle of 3 continents, it is an excellent place to invest in.

Incorporation Department

Company name XXX (Cyprus) Limited (Private Limited Company).
Jurisdiction Cyprus
Incorporation date 2006



 A foreign individual and Shareholder of the company.

(Note: Eltoma Corporate Services can provide full nominee service).


A legal entity

Shareholder can be appointed by Client/or provided by Eltoma Corporate Services (Note: Eltoma Corporate Services can provide full nominee service).
The industry Holding shares in Singapore and Hong Kong companies.
Share capital  US$15,294

Authorised capital

No of shares issued 600,068.
Share premium US$38,368,781
Investments value        US$6,160,589.
Bank account None. It is possible to open it any time
Bank signatories None
Credit rating                       The Company has a credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet.

Compliance status

Annual and Tax Returns filed
Operational status Active
Litigations              No any claims ever made against the company
Court actions                    No court actions ever taken against the company

Registered charges  

Financial year-end      December 31st
Audit reports Disclaimer of opinion for FY2013
Operations in HK No office in Cyprus
Unique features of the company
  • 10 year anniversary in 2016.
  • Share capital and share premium are about US$38m.
  • The company is registered with Dun & Bradstreet.
  • No third-party claims.
  • About 400,000 shares could be issued and allotted without going to the court for a share capital increase.
  • It is possible to open a bank account in Cyprus remotely.
  • The company is in compliance.

Possible use of the company

  • Continue as an investment company with no presence in Cyprus or continue as an investment company with a small office in Cyprus for the creation of substance in Cyprus. After registering with the Cyprus Immigration Department, the company can hire foreign employees.
  • The company can be transferred to a trading company with or without an office in Cyprus.

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