Re-engineering of Internal Policies & Procedures

Sustainability is the process of turning economic challenges into business opportunities that respond to the supply and demand of society. Ultimately, the success of a business depends on its ability to understand the economic, social factors of the jurisdiction it operates in, responding appropriately to them.

To overcome these factors, businesses must think about effective business strategies and ways to move forward. We can help you amend your company’s current structure or internal policies that may be detrimental to achieving this.

Process Improvement & Effective re-structuring Services

Implementing and restructuring process improvement is mainly creating an optimal workplace environment with proficient policies dedicated to achieving the highest level of performance excellence regarding quality, cost and time. We can help companies of any size achieve this by using a number of techniques and operations with the sole purpose of identifying current difficulties, waste, or disparity in a business and implementing ways to reduce them.

Sustainability Management

Organisations can address important business sustainability issues through system development & the implementation of effective management principles based on internationally recognised standards.

Eltoma’s company re-engineering will provide:

  • A risk analysis & compliance review.
  • System development & implementation.
  • Due Diligence services for environmental, health and safety issues.
  • Periodic system audit and monitoring.
  • Operational effectiveness of the integrated management system.
  • Compliance review with internal and external health, safety and environmental, protection requirements and conduct performance improvement programmes.

Our restructuring professionals are able to assist and advise underperforming businesses with the opportunity to stabilise and implement a process of strategic, operational and financial change. The team’s aim is to turn around business performance and to help generate excellent and lasting value for shareholders.

Eltoma’s experts specialise in assisting organisations in unprofitable and distressed situations. We provide a prompt strategic review of the current situation, as well as how to develop & implement a tailored strategy to help turn around businesses running at a loss.

Some of the typical services we provide include:

Fundamental restructuring:

  • Restructuring planning & implementation.
  • Liquidity of the business & working capital management.
  • Proficient cost reductions.
  • Where required possible exit strategies.

Financial restructuring:

  • Refinancing, communication and negotiations with lenders or potential investors.
  • Independent financial review; helping businesses assess their options for repayment, refinancing and recovery from underachieving businesses.
  • Negotiations and management support acting for company management.

Improvement planning & implementation for underachieving businesses:

  • Turnaround strategies: working with all levels of management to help create decisive strategic and operational plans to turn around companies under pressure and return them to a sustainable position.
  • Review of shareholder’s needs and addressing of issues.
  • Analysis of financial and strategic impact of actions.

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