Business Management Service

Businesses in the current economic climate are under an increasing amount of pressure for the continuous re-evaluation of company performance, and as a result of attempting to stay ahead of the fluctuating market. External factors such as international development in each jurisdiction; changes to government legislation and regulatory development are all needed for effective long-term forecasting and contingency planning for your business.

What is business management as a service?

This is a frequent question people ask nowadays. Successful organisations continually examine current performance, policy drivers and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), seeking ways to enhance productivity and stay ahead of potential opportunities arising from amendments to regulations, consumer demands, technological developments and economic climates.

Eltoma’s business service management provides assistance for new organisations and start-ups in attaining the best possible performance; helping them to hit the ground running and gain confidence and effectiveness in a new company’s economic operations.

Our company has deep understanding of administration and human resource management and thus:

  1. Ensures client identification.
  2. Cost reduction & program implementation.
  3. Improvement of company activities control.
  4. Enhancement of company productivity.
  5. Guarantees improvement of organisation’s quality of work.

ECS concentrates on the following specific KPIs:

  • The use of accurate, relevant and current information in company decision making process.
  • Understanding of the policy issues & industry regulations complexity level (including business service management White Papers) to identify necessary structural changes; taking advantage of technology to enhance efficiency by encouraging and motivating employees to optimise their abilities.
  • Focus on maintaining performance & return on investment (ROI) for long-term goals instead of less important short-term objectives is our priority.

Our professionals help different companies to achieve noticeable results in business, regardless of their size. Our specialists have high working skills, and vast experience offering and best practices in achieving key goals.

Quality Management

The process of effective managing involves: ensuring that goods & services match client needs and requirements, as well as being fit for client use. Eltoma is a company specialising in software for management and IT business service management.

We can help to achieve this by such improvements to your management system:

  • Systematic implementation or development of quality work.
  • Use of high quality tools & techniques.
  • Training seminars about business studies with specialists in the areas of HR & quality supervision.
  • Process re-engineering of current procedures, or the introduction of new processes.
  • Ineffective cost prevention: expert advice on effective ways to reduce the workforce and office expenditure whilst maintaining effectiveness and quality.

Eltoma also provides any help with:

  • Lack of employee motivation: problems which can be solved by identifying the right people for the right jobs; enhance their abilities and competences; assessing their performance and suitability for roles ensuring that motivation and productivity stays high.
  • Lack of methods to implement new operational procedures: these include reliability and quality of end products, environmental concerns and operational efficiency – we offer a wide spectrum of services relating to compliance standards and development; including the effective implementation of management systems.
  • Lack of assessment of corporate strategy: conducting assessments on current processes and evaluating they are adding value to the organisation. Our team work with clients directly to resolve any internal or external issues the organisation may be facing. Especially, in the field of service management software for small businesses.

Key market issues for businesses:

In the current economic climate, to avoid difficulties, organisations have to restructure the way they operate in order to sustain profitability. This can be achieved through the implementation of a process approach as follows:

  • The use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) development & benchmarking.
  • Defining & planning.
  • Improving & refining.
  • Implementation support.
  • Competent sustainability solutions.

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