Design of Internal Policies & Procedures from Scratch

Eltoma’s professionals can assist organisations of any size to understand their most important key drivers and work together to attain noticeable results in performance that will last throughout the lifetime of the company.

Experts at Eltoma Corporate Services have extensive experience and work collaboratively with new companies, working together to create:

  • An operational & effective business strategy.
  • Decision making support & advice.
  • Quality management system implementation.
  • The creation of company handbooks & procedure manuals.
  • Sound procurement advisory services.
  • Creation of supply & demand reports.
  • Transformational project management.

Eltoma assists new businesses to resolve issues at the level of the organisation as a whole, including:

  • Strategic assessment and review of the company’s standing in order to identify activities that can create & enhance the value of business.
  • Internal company analysis structure, including the identification of all strengths & weaknesses, as well as the maximisation of any imminent opportunities.
  • The development of trading plans to enable the company to increase market value & improve performance.
  • Creation of new approaches to enter a new market, refine an existing one, or defend current market position against competition.

Improve the basic running’s of an organisation, namely:

  • Reducing costs, essentially workforce and office space expenses.
  • Embed cost management best practices in an organisation and building sustainable infrastructure to keep costs down where possible.
  • Create new or, re-design existing organisational structures where required and review spans of control in order to facilitate effective decision making.
  • Develop quality and consistency of Management Information Systems, as well as offering consultations on senior management’s judgements and decisions.

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