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Cyprus is the right place for an offshore or private company incorporation process, as the procedure, and taxation requirements are amenable according to the country’s corporate legislation.

The Republic of Cyprus has a free market economy, which provides possibilities for efficient tax planning and creates many opportunities for international activities.

How to proceed with company registration within the Republic?

Cyprus has an advantageous taxation system which is recognised by every country belonging to the European Union and it has a reputation of a being legitimate and reliable offshore jurisdiction. That’s why it is a great location for company establishment processes (regardless of the entities type and size).

The company formation and registration procedure is not difficult. Firstly, you must choose an affiliate name and the appropriate legal form of a business entity:

  • Private Limited (PLC).
  • Limited liability (LLC or limited by guarantee).
  • Public company etc.

The Cyprus government controls all legal institutions under the Cyprus Company Law (Ch.113). While the Registrar of Companies department is the official body for monitoring and regulating.

The branch registration process, compared to being a Sole Trader brings many different benefits. Any physical person can establish an offshore affiliate within the Republic with the help of various service providers or Lawyers.

We have enumerated all the required documentation and steps for company formation procedure below.

What does the company registration process in Cyprus include?

It is a relatively simple procedure especially compared to other jurisdictions. We suggest to to get acquainted with the following steps in order to complete a registration:

1) Choice of service provider (mediator) and Lawyer.

For a firm’s registration a layer (with Cyprus Bar Association’s license) should prepare and sign firm’s Articles of Association (or organization’s charter ), memorandum and the declaration form. We would advise you to turn to a special service provider to easily proceed with all this issues for as much as you would require. The costs for incorporation process support are different depending on numerous unstated and choice of mediator.

Contact us for company registration services.

2) Required list of documents for a branch establishment in Cyprus.

This list is relevant for Private Limited (PLC), Limited liability (LLC or limited by guarantee) and public companies:

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • HE1 form Declaration of Incorporation).
  • HE2 (office address of a registered company).
  • HE3 (details of listed Directors, Secretary, Shareholders).

3) Information needed to fill in a registration form:

  • Materials concerning authorities - directors, secretary, shareholders (passport data and address).
  • Office address of a registered branch and utility bill (as a proof of residency).
  • Bank statement ( recent):
  • Nominal share capital and it the information about its division. For a public company, the minimum capital is €25.650.

4) Choice of a business registry name.

This step is very important. There is a web page where you can check the availability of a chosen name (click here), and after this, submit a registration application to the Registrar, which will then grant an application for an incorporation procedure (depending on the workload, this process can take about one month). If you choose a name from the Cyprus government list, the procedure can take less time click here to contact us.

5) After all the steps have been completed, you will receive the certificate of firm’s incorporation (this takes no longer than one month).

Once all documents have been approved, the incorporation process usually takes no longer than one month to complete. Once the Cyprus offshore branch Apostille certificate has been delivered by courier, you company is declared a legitimate offshore business!

The incorporation certificate for a company generally states the date of incorporation, company name and other details which are required for the official verification that all businesses and legal entities will require as proof for trading, buying shares and other business processes. All information supplied in the incorporation documents above will be available to the public.

Eltoma Corporate Services is a relatively small organisation offering personalised registration services that can be tailored to meet any of our client’s requirements. Our size means an individual and boutique approach is applied by default. Contact us for a full list of our company name registration services.

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