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Business marketing management is a process, the purpose of which is to develop special techniques, methods or strategies and applying them in practice for the company’s growth and brand expansion. It also focuses on resource management and the general organisation of activities.

What is marketing administration in business?

Globalisation has made it possible for companies to conduct commercial operations on an international level and market their products and services in other countries beyond their country of residence. This global marketing phenomenon thus became an integral part of many organisation`s expansion strategies.

Business marketing administration’s role in company development is very important, but it greatly depends on the firm’s corporate culture, industrial specialisation and size (large, small, medium). Customer demand also can influence its timing and composition. For the creation of an efficient and cost-effective control strategy, the organisation’s governing body must be well aware of all the details about their firm as well as having an understanding of its operational market.

Marketing control in business deals with different important issues, such as competitive analysis, and the company’s industry context evaluation etc.

Competitive analysis is an operation when marketing managers find detailed information or profiles of each existing competitor within a financial market. These experts especially focus their attention on the rival company’s strengths and weaknesses, and for this purpose they use a method of analysis called SWOT.

Our specialists also examine such factors concerning competitor`s firm for factors such as resource management, product differentiation, profit sources, expenditure cross-section analysis, positioning, vertical integration etc.

Business marketing management requires investment in research and collection of the necessary data to perform an accurate commercial analysis. For those purposes, experts conduct thorough market research.

Market research includes several techniques:

  • Qualitative analysis (focus groups or different types of interviews marketing).
  • Quantitative analysis (such as statistical research marketing).
  • Experiments (test marketing).
  • Observational methods.

Marketing specialists often use market research techniques in the process of creating, supervising, and identifying both global and local commercial trends. It is also used for business modeling.

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