Business Administration and Management Service

Eltoma Corporate Services (ECS) business and office administration is an exceptional service, the main purpose of which is to provide professional consultations on operating a company in the most efficient way, including all aspects of the company’s financial management.

What does it mean when a company is in administration and what are the strategies for this type of business servicing?

ECS specialises on company administration and its management strategy. It also gives professional advice and help to firms belonging to any industry regardless of their size and specialisation.

These operations include:

  • Accurate budget disposal planning.
  • Profit & loss accounting.
  • Optimisation of taxes.
  • Digital progresses.
  • Creation of a strategic development plan.
  • Start-up promotional activities.
  • Website promotion and different organisational areas concerning a company’s enhancement & expansion.

All members of the Eltoma Corporate Services team are experts in their field of work; having high academic qualifications and holding internationally renowned degrees; specialising in business administration activities and all issues regarding a company’s development.

Our team consists of consultants carrying out support on general problems regarding company management. They have profound knowledge and huge experience surrounding the requests of strategic marketing, material control and product distribution etc. We also have other services providing consultation on management worldwide.

Our goal is to fulfill our clients’ needs by carefully studying their unique business. We tend to achieve the best results in our work and focus primarily on making effective decisions regarding all aspects of business and office administration and strategy in management.

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