Company Registration and Formation Process in Collaboration with Eltoma Global

Company Registration and Formation Process in Collaboration with Eltoma Global Source image: / CC by 2.0

Eltoma Corporate Services have been providing professional consultancy and support with international business registration and formation procedures to different business types and entities for over 10 years.

What does the company registration process include? The establishment procedure can be quite simple if you choose the right jurisdiction based on your needs. When registering and forming a new firm, you should think firstly about the most appropriate jurisdiction in which your business will be incorporated. To do this, several important factors should be considered.

We suggest you to identify, understand and remember several of them:

  • Possible company structure.
  • Operational cost reduction.
  • Level of secrecy/anonymity.
  • Aggregate expenditure on the formation process.
  • Taxation management strategy.
  • Bureaucracy (red tape) reduction.
  • Possible risks.
  • Management of assets.

All benefits and limitations associated with the chosen jurisdiction.

A frequent question people ask is where to register their new business

Eltoma Corporate Services suggest using the following list of points that one should pay attention to when choosing the place for registration:

  • Where will this process take the least time and resources?
  • The reputation of an organisation providing such services and its stability.
  • Consistent accounting and financial mechanisms.
  • Professional matters, corporate business services and telecommunications.
  • Double Taxation Treaty network for tax reduction.

What is the business registration process?

Eltoma Corporate Services is not a large corporation; we have been providing boutique style, professional consultancy and support with company formations and registrations to different organisations within 30 jurisdictions internationally for over 10 years.

Maintaining the Firm (considering future usage)

Company location is an important issue to consider when establishing a place of business registration. You should think of a future purpose of the firm you want to establish. Whether it’s going to be a holding or trading company etc.

When the process of company registration and formation in a chosen jurisdiction is concluded, there are still aspects that require to be addressed in order to maintain the business. Read on for more information surrounding company maintenance.

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