Internet Banking Service

Eltoma Corporate Services new Internet Banking Service is simple, secure & efficient. With this service we aim to make our clients day-to-day banking needs much easier and stress free, by providing experts to help you manage your accounts online.

  • Manage your accounts.

Does your company have multiple bank accounts with the same bank? We can set up synchronisation of multiple accounts with the same bank so you can simultaneously take care of all transactions. Get real-time information on your account balances, and move money between them. See your latest transactions and search for payments. Save time on paperwork and move online!

  • Secure method to pay & transfer funds.

All standard maintenance fees /commitment expenses such as office rental or salaries can be effectively completed in a timely manner with peace of mind that your finances are secure. Enlist us so you can spend time on what is bringing you revenue rather than having to worry about whether your bills have been paid on time.

  • Budget & track transactions.

View your balance and recent transactions. Any income received can be more efficiently tracked and recorded, allow our experts to manage your accounts across various platforms, enabling you to have a better overview of your finances.

There are 3 different packages to choose from:

1. Viewing Access

Eltoma Corporate Services’ banking experts will have only viewing access. This way our team will have access to your internet banking and will be able to view the accounts transaction history, for example if the account has been debited/credited, we have the ability to download statements on your behalf and forward them to you wherever you are in the world.

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2. Pre-approval Authorisation

Eltoma Corporate Services’ banking experts will have authorisation to establish transactions. This way we will be able to set up any transactions on your behalf, however each payment will need to be approved, giving you more control should you wish.

An email will be required in order to enable us to proceed with any transaction and constitutes as written evidence of transaction request.

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3. Full Authorisation with no Prior Approval

Eltoma Corporate Services’ banking experts will have full authorisation to conduct & approve all transactions on the account. This is the best option if you have limited time due to your schedule. You will have an appointed expert* assigned to your account so you can personally speak to them and ask for advice whenever you need. For any additional information/clarification on your behalf, we will contact the bank directly so you do not have to. Our team will have full access to your account and we will be able to conduct and approve all payments without any prior consent.

*A minimum of two persons will be involved in the transaction execution.

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