Double taxation treaties

Countries with which the Seychelles has tax treaties

Country Effective Date Status
Barbados 28.02.2008 In force
Bahrain 03.02.2012 In force
Belgium 27.04.2006 Still not in force
Bermuda 19.07.2013 In force
Botswana 22.06.2005 In force
Vietnam 07.07.2006 In force
Ghana 20.05.2014 Still not in force
Guernsey 12.10.2016 In force
Democratic Republic of the Congo 12.08.2012 Still not in force
Jersey 05.01.2017 In force
Zambia 04.06.2012 In force
Zimbabwe 06.08.2002 Still not in force
Indonesia 20.04.2000 In force
Qatar 09.08.2009 In force
Kenya 09.04.2015 In force
Cyprus 27.10.2006 In force
China 17.01.2000 In force
Kuwait 05.02.2008 Still not in force
Lesotho 05.09.2011 Still not in force
Luxembourg 19.08.2013 In force
Mauritius 22.06.2005 In force
Malawi 06.09.2012 Still not in force
Malaysia 10.07.2006 In force
Mozambique 12.08.2012 Still not in force
Monaco 01.01.2013 In force
UAE 23.04.2007 In force
Oman 20.01.2004 In force
Isle Of Man 16.12.2013 In force
San Marino 30.05.2013 In force
Swaziland 11.02.2015 In force
Singapore 18.12.2015 In force
Thailand 14.04.2006 In force
Tanzania 12.08.2012 Still not in force
Sri Lanka 07.11.2011 Still not in force
Ethiopia 01.01.2014 In force
South Africa 07.03.2002 In force