Bank account opening

There are many different types of accounts available through Russian banks. For the most simple accounts (with no credit facilities), you may be able to apply with only your passport as proof of identification. However, if you want a bank account with additional services, you’ll be asked for the following:

  • Photo ID (ideally a passport)
  • Valid residence permit
  • Proof of address in Russia (a recent utility bill is usually acceptable)
  • For some accounts you may need a reference from your employer

Although you can start the process of opening a bank account from abroad, most banks will require you to visit a branch and provide a signature sample to activate your account.

Once you have chosen your bank, you’ll be able to find out details of the relevant process. In many cases, you can start to complete the application online before attending a bank in person once you arrive in Russia.

Whichever branch you apply to will be where your account details are held permanently. If you ever need to make changes to the account, you would need to visit that particular branch again, so choose a convenient location.