Company registration

Hong Kong legislation controls all the issues regarding different firms under the Companies Ordinance. In this certain administrative region of China, limited liability companies (LLC) are the basic and most widely-spread business entity. LLC is an independent legal institution that offers company asset protection from possible liabilities and risks. Here in Hong Kong it is not difficult to establish a place of business. The most important information about offshore company registration is listed below.

The company formation and registration procedure in Hong Kong

The following list of documents are needed for firm establishment in Hong Kong:

  • Completed application form that should be signed and scanned (with information about Directors, Shareholders and the approved company name).
  • Proof of residency (a photocopy will suffice e.g.. bank statement or reference, utility bill etc.) that can be sent via e-mail.
  • Beneficial Owner’s, Shareholders’ and Director’s passport copies.
  • A completed Hong Kong certificate of company registration.

Eltoma Corporate Services provides support and assists with checking a company registration number that is needed to obtain a Hong Kong certification.

When you receive the certificate:

  • An invoice for the registration of a company will be sent on your behalf to administrative authorities by Eltoma Corporate Services.
  • You’ll receive your company’s registration number and the entities name will be approved (it takes about 2 working days).
  • Company registration forms will be sent to all named Shareholders and Directors of the company. They should sign them and return the originals to our offices, which we will then file with the Registry of Companies in Hong Kong. Once this has been completed, the incorporation process will take about 10 days.
  • When we’ll receive payment for our service on our bank account, Eltoma Corporate Services specialists will start the process of company formation. And as previously stated, registration and formation procedure will take about 10 working days (4 working days are needed for the apostille process + one more day if courier delivery is required). The Hong Kong business registration number will be released shortly after.

Services for business registration in Hong Kong

With Eltoma Corporate Services, you will receive the best professional support on firm registration. Our organisation provides a wide range of services for company formation, and gives comprehensive assistance in dealing with all the above listed matters. The fees for this procedure may vary depending on specifics that were not mentioned above.