Qatar Airways Confirms 'Substantial' Annual Losses

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According to the Executive Director of Qatar Airways, the company lost 11% of its routes and up to 20% of revenue this year due to a boycott announced by a number of countries in the Middle East region.

At the same time, the airline will try to replace the canceled flights with new routes in order to restore financial losses. However, this causes inconvenience, since many routes become longer by 2.5 hours, whilst on other routes it is necessary to replace the aircraft type operating the flight so that there would be enough fuel for more lengthy routes.

The news follows the events of early June last year, when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt reported the breaking of diplomatic relations and the cessation of any communication with Qatar, accusing it of intervention and support of terrorism. They forbade the Qatari airplanes to cross the airspace of their countries and operate services to the states.