Pissouri: Owners of Destroyed Homes are Losing Hope

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According to sources, no measures have been taken to counter the land slippage which has caused the destruction of roads and homes in the village of Limnes in Pissouri since 2012.

60 properties in total have had cracks in the walls as well as 14 houses and an apartment complex with a total 28 apartments have been majorly affected with owners seeking support from the state.

In addition, the state is very aware of the long-standing problem from land slippage in that area.

One owner, Mick Ellis, who bought his house in 2013, has said that the current situation is a disgrace.

Moreover, none of the residents are actively seeking to take it to court according to sources. The residents however do want the government to accept the landslide as a matter of natural occurance and seek to help the people who have been affected, find a new place to live that is much safer than before.