Pakistan: Prime Minister resigns over corruption allegations

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Mr Nawaz Sharif, The Prime Minister of Pakistan, has resigned after the Supreme Court ruled that he is disqualified from office due to allegations of corruption. Sharif and three of his children, who have refused to provide a satisfactory information regarding the the source of their offshore assets, are now under criminal investigation.

Sharif has continuously opposed any corruption allegations and believes that the investigation into him is defective and biased. Moreover, allies of Sharif have claimed that there was a conspiracy to remove the PM from office.

Offshore assets belonging to Sharif’s family, which includes a high value property in London, was revealed by Panama Papers, which were leaked from the Mossack Fonseca law firm in April 2017.

This investigation inevitably cuts short his third stint in power in Pakistan. Sharif’s two previous terms in power also ended abruptly, which includes a military coup in 1999. He did, however, come back from exile into power with a great triumph in the general elections in 2013.