Singapore makes amendments to its transfer pricing guidance

On January 13th, 2017, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) issued updates to its e-Tax Guide and online directive regarding the state's transfer pricing regulations.

The HMRC has started sending personalised Post-it notes to tax evaders

HMRC in the UK has started sticking Post-it notes written by hand on letters sent to tax evaders in a new attempt to encourage payment, and has recorded a high response rate, as they expand their use of a range of psychological strategies to inspire greater compliance.

Ireland also faces tax rulings for aiding legal tax evasion in Apple case

The EC announced it would be starting an investigation in 2014 to look at Ireland's selective tax treatment of conglomerates and providing illegal state aid to jurisdictions that has facilitated such loop hole. Similar investigations are taking place looking at Starbucks' relationship with the Netherlands,…

New Zealand: Interest & investment tax proposals

A discussion document released today could simplify taxpayers’ fiscal year-end processes while increasing accuracy in the system, says Revenue Minister for New Zealand Michael Woodhouse.

Top ten jurisdictions for financial secrecy revealed

In light of recent information disclosed in the Panama papers, the Central American nation is under more scrutiny about its tax transparency than ever before. International financial organisations warn that Panama is not even in the top 10 jurisdictions for aiding reporting secrecy.

Most taxpayers in the UK are unaware of imminent changes to the tax system

The HMRC have made changes to the taxation of savings and dividends included in the Draft Finance Bill for 2016, which have been criticised by the House of Lords for being overly complicated and confusing, and have been badly communicated to the public.

European Parliament publishes paper on Third-Country Tax-Governance

The European Parliament has released a study on “Selected International Third-Country Tax-Governance Issues” facing taxation challenges which could evolve in the coming decade.

Hong Kong is no longer on the EC’s Tax Co-operation Black-list

Due to a technical error Hong Kong was listed on the European Commission’s website as a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction, an issue that has been recently resolved.