Asset based lenders can provide support for UK SMEs in wake of Brexit

The Managing Director of the UK’s biggest invoice finance company, has released a statement praising the asset based finance sector, stating that this is best way to support small and new businesses through the uncertain economic times brought on by the UKs decision to leave the EU. The comments were…

Singapore: New incentives for start-up crowdfunding projects unveiled

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has unveiled plans to reduce the base capital and minimum risk prerequisite for crowdfunding programs which is hoped will make crowdfunding more accessible to SMEs and start-up companies.

Hong Kong: E-commerce lags despite the leap in recent years

Businesses in both the start-up and E-commerce industry have grown during recent years however mentality and culture still keep them relatively limited in numbers.

UK SMEs vs the new dividend tax reforms

The recent reforms on dividend taxation in the UK has raised frustration among 25,000 congregated business owners who are currently rallying against the changes.

HMRC expands variety of qualifying investments for ISAs

The HMRC in the UK have published amendments to the Individual Savings Account (ISA) and the Child Trust Funds (CTF) regulations in order to extend the list of eligible investments which can be held in an ISA or CTF. It is thought that this will enable more small and medium sized enterprises SMEs to…

Singapore: IE will extend 2015 Budget initiatives to help the expansion of local firms

The trade agency in Singapore is currently evaluating if processes such as enhanced grant support should be prolonged, as more SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) attempt to expand regionally & even globally. International Enterprise (IE) Singapore is reviewing whether measures in Budget 2015 (whose…

How can the growing SME sector be of great value to the economy in Singapore?

Finance Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam stated that research has shown the significance of local SMEs in Singapore, and they must continue to stay at the heart of the country’s economy and society as foundations for both innovation and prospective development.

Chinese SMEs ready to join global manufacturing competition

Many Chinese manufacturing companies (mainly small & medium sized enterprises SMEs) are looking to expand to new continents, with increasing manufacturing capabilities & a desire to develop to their business being the catalyst for such confident growth.

British Business Bank supports alternative lending for SMEs

Shire Leasing has received an £80 million boost thanks to an investment by the British Business Bank and the private sector which will revolutionise SME funding.