The Cayman Islands intensify outsourcing standards for financial firms

Following newly implemented legislation, financial services companies will now be responsible for any damage caused to individual clients, rather than the outsourced service providers.

Cyprus places in top 10 for improved economic reforms

According to a recent report by the World Bank’s Doing Business, Cyprus ranks 47th in the overall 2016 Ease of Doing Business.

Administrative Court in Cyprus due to open in December

After parliaments approval, the Administrative Court in Cyprus is expected to start its operation by December as the justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou has revealed.

Troika overseeing key reforms of the healthcare system in Cyprus

Key progress has been made in reforms of the healthcare system in Cyprus has been recorded in the evaluation made by TROIKA.  At the weekend the finance ministry announced that the next goal is to implement the reorganisation and independence of public hospitals as a prerequisite of the National Health…

Irish move away from austerity was too early, advises OECD

Ireland has 'prematurely' shifted away from austerity to stimulus, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has stated. The organisation said further reforms were needed to boost competition and make it easier to form and maintain a successful company. It added that any extra revenue in the state funds should be used to help combat debt.