GDP drop in 2015 spells worse times ahead for Brazil, experts warn

According to the official statistics agency of Brazil IBGE, the country had the worst performance of any G20 nation, as the economy slowed down; businesses made 1.5 million people redundant and put all investment projects on hold.

Cyprus economy blooming following a 3 years’ drought

Last Friday, Fitch upgraded Cyprus’ long term foreign and local currency issuer default rating exponentially to B+ from B- previously, with “a positive outlook” for further recovery in the future.

Accuracy with GDP data calculation method for China

According to the China’s statistics bureau, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data calculation method has changed. This is a step to adopt international standards and improve the accuracy of the Chinese numbers.

Comparatively, Singapore has a significantly lighter tax burden

The government of Singapore imposes a much lighter tax burden on the economy compared to the majority of other developed jurisdictions.

Less jobs in Singapore as firms rely on fewer staff members

The stricter foreign worker policies are making businesses change the way they work. This may finally be making an impact through the wider economy in Asia, with companies relying less on manpower and restructuring their processes accordingly in order to cope.

Index of prices in Singapore fell to 0.5 % in April 2015

Suffice to say it is indeed interesting to read the news regarding a drop of 0.5 %. Why is this so? Statistics show that the reason for the decline in food prices is linked to oil currently being at 11.7 %. However, the drop in prices still leaves Singapore as being the most expensive city in the world.

The Singapore economy has grown due to construction

The economy in Singapore has been developing faster than previously anticipated for the first quarter of 2015. Experts list growth in construction and retail trade fields to have moved the reduction in production to be among the key reasons for the growth.