Hong Kong confirms tax agreements are in place with the UK & Japan

Hong Kong has confirmed the signing of agreements with the UK and Japan in order to start automatic exchange of financial information for all tax matters coming into effect by 2018.

Japan & the US finish trade deals for mutual benefit

The US and Japan and are looking to resolve matters to ensure that a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal between 12 different states can be arranged during a ministerial meeting expected to take place sometime in July, a Senior Official for Japan has revealed.

The Japanese economy breaks records

The latest statistics from Japan show that the Japanese economy from March, 2015 has a fixed surplus regarding the balance of payments breaking records of the last seven years. Firstly, the record was caused by a sharp inflow of foreign investments and a reduction of imports. Therefore, the Japanese…

How has PM Shinzō Abe improved the Japanese economy?

Japan came out of recession in the fourth quarter of 2014, but the world's third largest economy grew at a slower pace than previously expected. The economy expanded by 2.2% in the three months to December in a preliminary reading, compared to a 3.7% increase as forecasted.

Moody’s reduces Japan's credit rating amid fears about the economy

The credit rating agency considered being one of the most influential credit rating experts; Moody's has reduced Japan's credit rating over rising doubts about its ability to reduce debt levels. The decision by the ratings agency sent the yen to a seven-year low against the US dollar.

Singapore to exceed Japan in economic size by 2025

A new report released by the UOB (United Overseas Bank) in Singapore on Friday stated that South-east Asia's economy is anticipated to be bigger than Japan's by 2025, according to new projections.