German Finance Minister warns of UK’s tax position after leaving the EU

In an interview with the Financial Times, German Finance Minister & Politician, Mr Wolfgang Schauble has claimed that the current G20 regulations regarding tax avoidance would limit the UK’s aptitude to give tax breaks to companies where due after leaving the European Union.

German trust laws amended in favour of offering special inheritance tax rate

Germany’s Lower Tax Court based in Düsseldorf has made a ruling in the taxpayer’s favour regarding Germans living overseas to be entitled to receive a special exemption from German gift and inheritance tax.

Caribbean Community countries should set a high precident regarding financial secrecy

Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to the US, suggests unity among the Caribbean Community countries (Caricom) which have often been “unfairly” criticised for their financial secrecy reporting procedures.

German state plan to use stolen data against Swiss Banks

German authorities are planning to utilise stolen banking data in order to target around 40 more Swiss banks for assisting people to evade their tax obligations.

Huge tax evasion scheme undergoing German investigation

In a recent investigation concerning serious tax evasion and money laundering connected to “dividend stripping”, German prosecutors searched the offices and residences of clients linked to the Canadian “Maple Bank”.

German lawmakers in favour of third Greek bailout

On Wednesday, after a time consuming debate in the Bundestag Lower House of parliament, the German lawmakers vigorously pushed for a vote in favour of the third Greek bailout.

France to introduce tax to foreign investors of property companies

Starting from January 1st 2016, France will enforce a capital gains tax (CGT) charge at a rate of 33% on German- and Luxembourg-resident Shareholders of property companies whose main investments are located in France. The alterations are currently being approved by the jurisdictions and are expected to apply to transactions taking place after the end of this year.

Dozens injured in anti-austerity rally outside ECB headquarters

Yesterday in Frankfurt violence broke out hours before the ECB building's official opening was due to take place, reportedly costing €1.5B. Police cars were set alight and stones were thrown in a protest against the opening of a new base for the European Central Bank (ECB).

France and Germany to employ European Investment Program

The spokeswoman for the German Finance Ministry Marianne Kothe told reporters in Berlin yesterday that the European Union’s two biggest economies, Germany and France, are working on joint proposals to strengthen investment and encourage growth within the EU. Stimulus packages have proven in the past…